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From consumers to small business owners, we have a plan for you!

Everyone eventually encounters a situation where they wish they had an attorney by their side. The reality is this happens more often than people realize, and by the time it does they waste precious time and resources scrambling to find someone! Sentry Legal Plan saves their members time, stress, and money when they all need them most. Everyone's circumstances are unique, however the bond that bridges us is our ability to assist and help each other in meaningful ways. Details about the plans we offer (or are launching soon) can be found below. Contact us today to find out more!


the consumer plan

Struggling through a financial hardship? You are not alone, let Sentry keep watch for you when it comes to creditor litigation and harassment! Our Nationwide attorney network will provide full legal representation for:

  • Creditor Lawsuits

  • Creditor Harassment Actions

  • Creditor Letters

  • Credit Violations

Have an issue in another legal practice area? Our members receive free consultations and discounted rates from network attorneys for virtually any issue!


the general plan

Our general plan is designed to cover the most common issues that American families face. While most of us hope to never need the advice of an attorney, the truth is that we often find ourselves with such a need many times per year. Below are the most popular services that plan members have access to:

  • Unlimited 30 Minute Consultations

  • Attorney Calls and Letters

  • Preparation of Simple Wills

  • Document Review and Analysis

  • IRS Audit Services

  • Complimentary Consultations and Guaranteed Discounted Rates for All Other Legal Services!

Coming Soon


the business plan

Starting and growing a small business is difficult enough. Let us help you navigate the complex and nuanced legalese that keeps you up at night. 

  • Business Consultations

  • Document Review

  • Document Preparation

  • Attorney Letters and Phone Calls

  • Negotiations

  • Licensing and Regulation Research

  • Complimentary Consultations and Guaranteed Discounted Rates for All Other Legal Services!

Coming Soon
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